Dewisplear, (pronounced; DE - WISP - PAH - LEAR), is a CFA registered Maine Coon Cattery established in 1999 and  is owned and operated by Joel and Camelle Chaney.

After showing and breeding AKC Borzoi for 30 plus years, Camelle decided to become involved in the cat world and wanted to honor her grandmother a native of Belgium . The cattery is named after Camelle's grandmother, Marie Dewisplear. Her grandmother met her husband to-be in New York City, both coming from the same village in Belgium .
If you're an Ann Rice fan, you will recognize the characters after whom our Maine Coons are named. What fun we have had naming our cats after witches, vampires and the places surrounding the French Quarter of New Orleans.

Our Beginnings...

Our first stud male was a red tabby and white mackerel tabby boy named Marius...

CH Kamelotkoons Marius of Dewisplear

His son, our beloved GC Dewisplear Vittorio, was our first home-bred Grand Champion. Vittorio was the start of a line of Dewisplear Grands with his son, GC Dewisplear Armand, and his son GC Dewisplear D. Talbot.

GC Dewisplear Vittorio, resting on his laurels...

With respect to the girls, our first queen was Grainne, a brown patched tabby from the Darmorev Cattery. Grainne received her Irish name for the reds she was going to produce. Grainne had a daughter who never produced kittens, so we eventually introduced Deirdre into our breeding program.

CH Darmorev Grainne of Dewisplear

Our first Grand Champion was GC Abizaq Hugs & Kisses of Dewisplear, DM, aka Lydia. Lydia was our second D.M.

GC Abizaq Hugs & Kisses of Dewisplear, DM

Lydia produced RW GC Dewisplear Rue Royale. Rue was a Regional Winner both as a Kitten and in Championship as an adult. His is also our first one show Grand!

GC, RW Dewisplear Rue Royale

Lydia's daughters include GP Dewisplear Pandora, GP Dewisplear Antha Mayfair, GC Dewisplear Armand, and GC Suzanne Mayfair.

Our First DM

Deirdre, Champion XTC Deirdre of Dewisplear, DM, was our first Maine Coon to earn the coveted title of Distinguished Merit. To earn this prestigious breeding title, a female must produce a total of 5 Grand Champions/Grand Premiers. A male must produce 15 Grand Champions/Grand Premiers.

CH XTC Deirdre of Dewisplear, DM

The Homebred Grands

Deirdre's first litter produced eight wonderful kittens Taltos, Cortland Mayfair, Tabasco, Ruben Goodspeed, Stella Mayfair (now known as Angel), Angelique Mayfair, Tamalee, and Catfish Jane. Out of that litter, we granded four.

GP, RW Dewisplear Taltos granded as a premier became a regional winner and best Maine Coon in Region 4 (2005).

GC Dewisplear Cortland granded in two shows.

Their sister GC, RW Dewisplear Angelique Mayfair, DM was a regional kitten winner (2004) and our third queen to achieve the title of Distinguished Merit.

The fourth cat in the litter to grand was GC Dewisplear Stella Mayfair.

Deirdre's second litter produced one kitten that achieved both titles in Championship and Premiership in one year, GC, GP, RW Dewisplear Quinn Blackwood. Bill and Nancy Buckland showed Quinn Blackwood to a regional win in 2006.

Angelique's first litter produced two lovely kittens: GC, BW, NW Dewisplear Pierce Mayfair, DM and GC, RW Dewisplear Claire Mayfair, DM. Both achieved the Grand Champion title easily.

Pierce was a regional kitten winner, the following show season he was the Maine Coon Breed Winner, which means he was the Best Maine Coon in championship in CFA for the 2006-2007 show year. He proved his ability to pass on his fine qualities, earning his Distinguished Merit title when his 15th kitten granded in January 2012.

Claire achieved her Regional Win title for the 2008-2009 show year.

Angelique's second litter produced seven kittens, five boys and two girls. GC, GP Dewisplear Petyr, GC Dewisplear Van Abel, GC Dewisplear Augustine, GP Dewisplear Antoine, Catfish John Goodspeed, Deborah Mayfair and Bitsy. Three boys achieved the title of Grand Champion in one month. GC, RW, DW Dewisplear Augustine was a one show Grand and Regional Winner in 2008. He now lives in Germany with Marion Birk, Indian Summer Maine Coons. He became a Division Winner in 2009 and 5th Best Cat in Europe.    

Our Life As CFAers
If you were to ask us about CFA. I would tell you it's one big happy family, sometimes dysfunctional, but happy.

There is so much responsibility with owning animals, learning is a never ending process. Joe and I love to speak with spectators and new exhibitors about health and rearing of their cats. If our experience can help a cat live a better life, it's a good day. Cats and dogs have brought us so much joy. 

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