There is generally a short waiting list, if you are interested in a kitten or retired show cat contact us for availability.


We take a lot of pride in the rearing of these gentle giants. We strive to produce healthy cats with wonderful dispositions and excellent show type. Whether our kittens or retired adults are going to companion or show homes they receive lots of hands on care, our kittens are raised underfoot with tender loving care. We begin bathing and blow-drying at 8 weeks. Kittens are taken out of the house for rides in the car as soon as they receive their first shots; socialization is important at a very early age. Maine Coons are highly people oriented and are almost dog like in that they will loyally follow their owners around from room to room getting involved in your daily activities. They remain kittenish throughout their lives and will get along quite well with other cats, children and the family dog.

Our Kittens

Kittens are ready to go at around 4 months of age, and are only sold to approved homes with a contract and health guarantee.  Kittens will have had a veterinary check up and all of their shots. We also radio graph hips at four months. Breeding/Show cats will be radio graphed again before they are bred, an ultrasound will be done before breeding as well as being tested for HCM. This will be done by a blood test. Testing for HCM using a cats DNA is supporting the research to hopefully prevent this genetic disease. We consider ourselves to be responsible breeders, breeding responsibly since 1999.

We are against declawing or tendonectomy surgery.  Keeping your cat indoors and providing scratching posts for the natural behavior of scratching eliminates damage.   Of course trimming nails is necessary. We occasionally go on walks with our cats but keep them on a leash/collar at all times when outside. There are several types of backpacks available for hiking in the woods or walks in the city.

We generally have a waiting list for kittens.

Retired Adults

Show cats can have a very short show career; we offer retired show cats throughout the year. Kittens are shown for four months then go into the adult class. After achieving a title they will either be campaigned or enter our breeding program and be re-homed when they retire. Our retirees will be spayed/neutered before being placed. Retired adults are available at different times throughout the year.

Pictured below is GRC DEWISPLEAR MARY BETH MAYFAIR and GP DEWISPLEAR MIRIAM, both examples of our adult Maine Coons that was made available to pet homes when they are retired.





Please feel free to check our website for current availability for kittens and retired adults. If you are interested in a retired adult or a kitten please feel free to contact us.  Click Here to view a copy of our Kitten/Cat Contract.





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